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Legionella Information www.legionella.org
Legionella E-news is a free monthly international
e-newsletter that covers recent outbreaks, new
publications, and new technology.
To subscribe, go to:
LEGIONELLA 2003: An Update and Statement
by the Association of Water Technologies (AWT)
Comparison Chart of Water Disinfection
Method in a Hospital Environment
The Johns Hopkins Hospital - Facilities Engineering
World Business Review -
Halox ClO2 At Geisinger Medical Center
Click Here
Cooling Technology Institute www.Cti.org
National Rural Water Association www.nrwa.org
Ultrapure Water journal www.talloaks.com
American Water Works Association www.awwa.org
Association of Water Technologies www.awt.org
American Society for Healthcare Engineering www.ashe.org
American Water Resources Assoc. www.awra.org
Water Quality Association www.wqa.org

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